Repair • Retrofit • Design • Align

Overhauls & Maintenance

Man Welding
Large Shaft

Complete overhauls of generator/turbine components.

Mechanical and electrical maintenance for hydroelectric generators.

Hydro Tech provides reliable engineering and contract services, repairs and retrofitting of hydroelectric generator stations.

Mechanical Services:

  • Generator/Turbine Overhauls and Upgrades
  • Installations of New Generation Units
  • Unit Inspections
  • Machinery Repair
  • Stationary and Rotational Alignments

Construction Services:

(provided throughout North America)

  • We provide Project ManagementSupervision, and Construction Labour (mechanical and electrical) services for the following types of construction projects:

    • Disassembly
    • Component rehabilitation
    • Reassembly and commissioning
    • Alignment and testing

Consulting Services:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Maintenance and Overhaul Planning
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Specification Development
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