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Congratulatons Michael Paciocco!

We are pleased to announce that Michael Paccioco, Mechanical Engineer with Hydro Tech, has recently achieved designation as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). 

Michael has over 10 years of experience in project management in the Energy sector and has developed extensive skills in project management, technical reporting, and quality assurance. During his years at Hydro Tech, Michael has expanded his skill set to include Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) metrology experience and resource planning for turbine overhauls. 

Michael is working with our Engineering department on SRED projects and IRAP projects for bearing materials. These projects are proprietary and will help to move Hydro Tech forward in the field of turbine bearing engineering and design. Michael has also assisted Hydro Tech in patenting its Turbine Shaft Sleeve design for installation in the field with no welding requirement. 

Hydro Tech recognizes the many years of hard work that have gone into this accomplishment and we look forward to working alongside Michael as he progresses in his career.