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Quality and Safety

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Hydro Tech is absolutely dedicated to providing QUALITY products and services.

We take our commitments to our customers seriously.

It is our promise to consistently provide outstanding service and to manufacture high-quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

Our Professional Engineering staff adheres to the highest standards and ensures those standards are met both in the field and during manufacturing processes. We maintain consistent communication with our clients to inform them of non-conformance issues and provide guidance on best practices and continuous improvement.

Our commitment to SAFETY is unmatched and our actions have spoken volumes.

Our approach to health and environmental safety is consistent.

Proper training, planning and consistent monitoring are the keys to reduced incidents and is proven by our excellent safety experience rating factor.

Because the services provided by Hydro Tech are specialized, technical, and labour intensive, we feel it imperative that all work be carefully planned to ensure the safety of all personnel, and to maintain productivity, compliance and quality.

Hydro Tech Inc. has been recognized as an ISN Member Contractor since 2013 by meeting or exceeding the standards required by our clients.

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