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New Split Sleeve Technology

Hydro Tech Inc. is pleased to announce that it has filed for patents in both the United States and Canada for its unique split-sleeve technology.

The purpose of a shaft sleeve is to restore or modify the proper outside diameter or wear surface of the shaft in a bearing for optimal hydrodynamic performance.  Traditional sleeve installation requires a sleeve that is designed to be either bolted or welded together.  Welded sleeves require precision machining at a manufacturing facility or onsite, while bolted solutions do not achieve an adequately precise interference fit.

Hydro Tech’s innovation is a split-sleeve design that is factory-machined to exact dimensions for the required inside shrink fit and final outside diameter.  This unique split-sleeve design requires that the sleeve be heated for installation. Once cooled, it provides an exact interference fit to the shaft, eliminating the need for field machining.

Hydro Tech has already deployed this split-sleeve solution on previous projects and will be looking for appropriate projects with our existing and new clients who wish to take advantage of this offering.  

The filing of this patent demonstrates Hydro Tech’s leadership in the North American Hydro Electric services market through innovation and applied research.