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Thrust Bearing Load Cells

Hydro Tech, a premier designer and manufacturer of large thrust bearings, is also a leading supplier of thrust bearing load cells.

Since 2005, Hydro Tech has been designing, upgrading, and manufacturing thrust bearings up to 1,500 tons. Our services include complete load cell refurbishment and newly manufactured load cells.

Hydro Tech is your trusted partner to provide:

  • Disassembly and assembly of old load cells.
  • Complete load cell refurbishment of all types of load cells for Babbitt, PTFE, or PEEK thrust bearings. 
  • Engineering and manufacturing of new load cell systems including the supply of auxiliary equipment to read the load cell strains.
  • Inspection and repair of spherical crowns and seats.
  • Upgrades of strain gauges to full bridge.
  • Recalibrated load cells and load charts in 25,000 lbs steps, or any other requested increments.
  • Shipment of load cell jack screw assemblies to and from vendor’s shops, domestic or international.
  • Installation of the load cells and generator rotational alignment including stator moves, and other alignment corrections as needed.

Contact Hydro Tech for all your thrust bearing needs!