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Technical Papers

Thrust Bearing Cavitation

A multiple unit generating station is currently experiencing thrust bearing failures due to cavitation pitting on the thrust shoes… on …

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Upgrading Marginal Thrust Bearings

One of the most common causes of unscheduled hydraulic turbine shutdowns is the failure of thrust bearings, commonly referred to …

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Designing Water-Bearing Test Bench

This study designed a Bearing Test Bench to evaluate wear rates and gather crucial parameter data for water-lubricated bearing materials in the hydroelectric industry. It specifically focused on fluid film bearings, emphasizing the significance of operational parameters in achieving optimal hydrodynamic film formation. The research highlighted the environmental benefits of water-lubricated bearings and identified inconsistencies in current testing methods and standards. The test bench adhered to DNV-CP-0081 geometry.

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Ontario Power Generation Pumped Storage Generator

Ontario Power Generation’s Sir Adam Beck – Pump Generating Station (PGS) experienced recurrent bearing failures into the early 1990’s, at …

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