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Volta River Authority (Ghana)

Thrust Bearing Installation at Akosombo

Hydro Tech Inc. is proud to make the following announcement Hydro Tech Inc. and the Volta River Authority of Ghana, …

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Hydro Tech Inc. acquires North American PTFE Bearing LLC

Hydro Tech Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of North American PTFE Bearing LLC as of March 6th, 2017. …

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Hydro Tech water lubricated stern tube bearings

OSEA Green Energy Doors Open 2021

Carbon free technology: Water lubricated stern tube bearings for the marine industry to replace synthetic and oil bearings  at the …

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Lignum Vitae Fully Engineered Water-Lubricated Bearings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lignum Vitae North America and Hydro Tech Inc. Unite to Propel Fully Engineered and Manufactured Water-Lubricated Bearings …

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